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Experience the authentic and immersive side of Lisbon with Wetuks. Our private guides are carefully chosen and committed to giving you a unique and unforgettable journey on an eco tuk-tuk. Discover the hidden gems of this beautiful city and communicate seamlessly with our local experts in a range of languages. Say goodbye to ordinary and superficial tours and hello to a personalized adventure with Wetuks.

Why not take a break, sip on your coffee, and peruse our collection of exceptional tours? You won't regret it! With the aid of reviews and brief presentations, you can pick out your very own local guide. Are you prepared? Lisbon awaits!

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In recent years, tuk tuk tours have become the leading choice for exploring Lisbon in a fun, affordable, convenient, and informative way. The combination of Lisbon's geography and the vehicle's characteristics has proven to be a great success.

Add the insight of a friendly local guide, and you will have the answer to why so many people have decided to take a tuk tuk tour with us!

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Experience the true essence of Lisbon with our carefully designed private tours. We collaborate with experts in various fields such as History, Gastronomy, Architecture, and Street Art to create our Tuk Tuk tours, providing a unique and unparalleled experience. Our tours offer valuable knowledge and insights for those seeking to immerse themselves in Lisbon's local culture.

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Wetuks offers you an exclusive opportunity to arrange for a pickup by a local guide of your choice, who will take you on an eco-friendly tuk-tuk tour of Lisbon. Our guides are handpicked and carefully selected to ensure that they are the best in the business. They are professional, friendly, passionate, and highly knowledgeable. Unlike seasonal or amateur guides, our experts offer a deep understanding of Lisbon's rich cultural heritage and hidden gems, making your journey unforgettable. Each guide is carefully selected through an invitation-only process, guaranteeing you an exceptional experience.

In addition, our guides receive continuous coaching and training. They will take you on a tour off the beaten track, revealing Lisbon's hidden gems while providing valuable insights into the local culture.

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Wetuks provides a platform with related technology where guides can display their profile online and arrange customers for tuk tuk tours. Wetuks is neither an owner nor an operator or provider of tuk-tuks. Please note that the service provided is to facilitate tuk-tuk tour bookings. Wetuks cannot and does not control the conditions, legality, or suitability of any tuk-tuks. Accordingly, any bookings will be made at the customer's and guide's own risk, whether or not affiliates are involved.